Erotic Monster Novellas

Ours for Halloween

Everyone knows that Halloween is the one night of the year when monsters, ghouls, and nightmarish creatures of all types can walk freely among us. Caution is needed. But for Evie, caution is the last thing on her mind when she follows a masked stranger into the woods after he saves her from a gruesome fate.

He’s promised to keep her safe. But beneath the mask and roguish charm lies something far more dangerous. Now deep in the forest, Evie finds herself in the clutches of not one, but three mysterious men. It doesn’t take long to discover that they’re far from human. She’s the only one who can satiate their monstrous appetites. And together, they’ll do whatever it takes to make her theirs for Halloween…*

*This story is an MMFM novella that contains graphic violence and sexually explicit content, 18+**

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A Web of Lust and Sorrow

“Don’t follow her, don’t offer aid

For soon you’ll sense the price you’ve paid...”

Everett never anticipated that a nighttime walk through the streets of Tokyo would put him in the path of a beautiful and mysterious woman with the potential to change his life forever. But after following the girl of his dreams into the woods, he awakes in a nightmare—an underground chamber of horrors. The caves beneath Mt. Fuji are home to demons more terrifying—and fitfully arousing—than anything Everett could have imagined.

What do these loathsome monsters want? His blood, of course. But it’s soured by fear. Lust is their favorite flavor, and Everett finds himself used and confused in a pleasure-filled hell with only the promise of death at the end of his stay.

Unless someone is willing to help him escape...

“Where two legs stand, six more will grow

There’s no escape for those who know…”

*Based on the lore of Jorōgumo, the shapeshifting woman and Spider of Death.

A Web of Lust and Sorrow contains graphic violence, sexually explicit content, dubcon, mentions of suIcide, and more. 18+

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Demons and Damiana

The Dream Eater comes for the children, snatching them in the night while they sleep. That is how it has always been. Pru will do whatever it takes to keep the children in her care safe from harm. But when tragedy strikes once again too close to home, she’s forced to make a life-altering decision.

She’s going to kill the Dream Eater.

The spell has been cast, the summoning circle set, but when the Dream Eater arrives, everything gets turned upside down. In her haste to take the massive monster down, she accidentally doses them both with a powerful aphrodisiac. And now the two of them are trapped together, as the potion sends them into a heat and need like they've never known.

All she has to do is make it until sunrise. But can she avoid this undeniable pull to the Dream Eater? Can she still kill him now that her feelings are hazy and fueled by lust? Either way one thing is for sure. After tonight, nothing will ever be the same.

**Contains sexually explicit content, violence, dubcon, 18+**
(Also contains themes of kidnapping/child loss)

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Frostbitten : A Steamy Jack Frost Reimagining

The stories of Jack Frost meet the tales of Persephone and Hades in this steamy reimagining!

When Mara falls into a mysterious pool at the base of a mountain cave, she finds herself far from home, and in the frozen wastelands of the underworld. A monster rules this place. He craves her warmth and flesh, and will do anything to keep her in his icy realm. As her feelings begin to change, she is forced to choose between the life she had up above, or the one being offered to her down below. As time passes by it becomes clear that neither may be a choice. Can she save herself and those she loves before it’s too late?

Frost has waited centuries for a willing vessel to fall through the pool above. When a living woman lands in his domain, things take an unexpected turn. His cold and loveless kingdom is filled with a heat he could never imagine while Mara is there, and feelings he didn’t believe he could possess. He wants to keep her in his kingdom of ice. But the clock is ticking up above. Can he stop the inevitable from taking Mara away from him? Or will he lose the only warmth his heart has ever known?

**Frostbitten contains sexually explicit content including scenes that may be interpreted as dubcon. Reader discretion is advised. 18+**

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Feast of the Vampire King

It happens every ten years. Fifty of the most beautiful women are chosen for the feast of the Vampire King, and this year, Asteria is selected as a tribute. No one ever makes it out of the castle alive. But when the Vampire King spares Asteria and gives her a choice, everything she knows about the mysterious ruler is called into question. His offer—Pleasure? Or death? He will take Asteria’s life at sunrise regardless. But in the hours until the sun comes up, he plans to show her a night she will never forget, filled with desire, depravity, and more than a little blood…

**Dark means dark. Contains graphic violence, blood, death and sexually explicit content. 18+**

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Scream for the Scarecrow

Scarlet has no idea that her encounter with a harmless scarecrow will soon change her life forever. When she ends up in the same pumpkin patch on the night of All Hallows' Eve, something has changed. A monster now roams the rows of pumpkins and gourds.

And he hungers for more than just her blood..

This dark, twisted tale is sure to put you in the Halloween spirit!

If you like your men monstrous and morally gray, look no further.

But be warned, the Scarecrow is no knight in shining armor.

He’s a monster. 

So don’t expect a happy ever after..

**This is dark romance monster smut short story!
Scream for the Scarecrow contains graphic violence, and explicit sexual content, 18+

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