Book Inspired Candles

  • Frost and Fate

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    “Nova lifted her fingers toward the top of the glass ceiling. A gust of chilly wind blew through the room and settled in the air. A sheet of soft sparkling snowflakes began to fall around them. They quickly became larger and larger until each flake was the size of a silver dollar. The snowflakes coated Nova's silver hair and lashes. She smiled and stuck out her tongue to catch a few.”

    This is what I envision the air smells like when Nova used her Celestial ice powers!

    Frost and Fate contains the delightful frosty scents of sweet vanilla and cool peppermint cream! Each Frost and Fate is topped with a Dumortierite mini moon!

    Dumortierite opens the third eye and enhances all mental abilities. It activates latent psychic abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Dumortierite improves will power and memory retention and is great for students or those working on learning. It is also ideal for those who work with astrology or tarot.

    Frost and Fate signed copies are available on our site! If you prefer kindle you can find it on Amazon! 


    After a horrific attack reveals her immense magical abilities, Nova Studer is thrown into a new world of lycan shifters and unknown dangers. When the wolf pack assigns a well-muscled and hotter than sin lycan to keep her close, it awakens more than just her growing supernatural powers. Can she learn to control her gifts before the Collector’s find a way to take her away? Is her broody, lycan protector more than just a crush?

    Darren’s life is turned upside down the moment an ice-wielding Celestial is thrown into his path. After his Alpha asks Darren to keep an eye on her, he’s forced to choose between obeying his leader, or giving into his animal’s inner call. His wolf recognizes her as something special right away. Is it possible this silver-haired stranger is his Fated Mate? The Collectors are after Nova, and Darren will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

    Frost and Fate is a Happily Ever After, Fated Mates, Shifter Novel!

    **Contains violence and explicit sexual content (18+)**

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  • Alpha and Ivy

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    “Gideon stole the moment, sinking his lips into hers. Hr smelled like pine trees and sunshine.”

    This beautiful candle is inspired by the second book in my Chosen Shifter Mates Series, Alpha and Ivy!

    We’ve taken our Enchanted Forest base and topped it with a Cherry blossom Agate mushroom to create our Alpha and Ivy Candle! 

    Alpha and Ivy smells of fresh cut pine, fir needles, a hint of citrus, a touch of juniper, and a dash of warm spices. Each candle is topped with a Cherry Blossom Agate Mushroom! 

    Cherry Blossom Agates are grounding stones that bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agate helps to center, stabilize, and harmonize a yin and yang energy. Flower agate is identified by its light pink flower like formations.

    Alpha and Ivy signed copies are available on our site! If you prefer kindle you can find it on Amazon! 


    Dahlia kept her powers a secret for most of her life before she was captured. Years after her escape she once again finds herself falling into the wrong hands—right before finding herself in some extra-large lycan hands. Shifters are real, and the Alpha wolf wants to make her his. Does he have what it takes to keep her safe? Can he protect her from herself?

    When Gideon’s path crosses with a feisty earth-wielding Celestial, he’s forced to choose between what is best for the pack, or for himself. He barely has time to deal with his unruly wolf and mountain of responsibilities, let alone a mate. His loyalties are put to the test when a family friend proposes a union of their packs…by marriage. Can he choose duty over destiny?

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  • Feast of the Vampire King

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    “Little star..." He relished the way she shivered as he whispered in her ear. "You'll pay for your pleasure in blood.”

    This candle is inspired by my recent dark romance horror short release, Feast of the Vampire King! Only available on Amazon and kindle unlimited! (18+, graphic violence,  dubcon, blood, & sexually explicit content) 

    “The Vampire King smelled like the rich desserts in the bakery she had never been able to afford to enter. But there was a tangy, metallic scent in there as well.“

    Feast of the Vampire King smells like Uriel himself! It contains the sweet scents of freshly baked apple cider donuts with mouthwatering cinnamon and sugar! Each candle is topped with a Tigers Eye star!

    Golden Tiger’s Eye is a stone that brings optimism and positivity. It is an incredible stone for balancing emotions and finding balance between extremes. It is a great stone of protection! It is also a stone that brings insight into situations. It can be used on the first through third chakras.


    Feast of the Vampire King is a Steamy Dark Romance HorrorShort

    It happens every ten years. Fifty of the most beautiful women are chosen for the feast of the Vampire King, and this year, Asteria is selected as a tribute. No one ever makes it out of the castle alive. But when the Vampire King spares Asteria and gives her a choice, everything she knows about the mysterious ruler is called into question. His offer—Pleasure? Or death? He will take Asteria’s life at sunrise regardless. But in the hours until the sun comes up, he plans to show her a night she will never forget, filled with desire, depravity, and more than a little blood…

    **Dark means dark. Contains graphic violence, blood, death and sexually explicit content. 18+**

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  • Lycan and Lark

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    “A sense of dizziness overtook her as the scents of caramel and burnt sugar overwhelmed her senses.”

    Lycan and Lark smells of rich, buttery caramel, and sweet, burnt sugar. It is topped with a Rhodonite Moon!

    Rhodonite promotes the energy of love. It is a key tool in helping to discover and recover one’s inner gifts and hidden talents. Rhodonite is a stone of personal power and self-worth. It helps you to realize and achieve your life’s purpose.

    Alpha and Ivy signed copies are available on our site! If you prefer kindle you can find it on Amazon! 


    Aria’s life has been carefully planned and closely monitored. She’s the sister of the Alpha. Which means dating is pretty much not an option. After a kidnapping brings her very unexpectedly face to face with her fated mate, she’s forced to acknowledge some hard truths. He’s the villain. Isn’t he? His track record looks bad from afar but the closer she gets to him, the more she sees the truth beneath. His wolf is sick and they’re running out of time. He needs a pack. But will her pack ever accept him after what he’s done? Or will Aria be forced to choose between her mate and the family and friends she’s known her whole life?

    Lark wasn’t born a lycan, and he never expected to find a mate. His life was nothing but torment and darkness before he found Aria. He’s drawn to her, and so is his wolf. His beast is unpredictable and too powerful for him to control. Lark wants to stay away from Aria to protect her. But the more he fights fate, the more he finds Aria in his arms—and bed. His magic can only do so much to keep him hidden from those hunting him. He’s playing a dangerous game, one that could end up costing Aria her life, or Lark his human form. Will his wolf take control, permanently? Or will his fated mate find a way to save them both before it’s too late?